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About Lea Journo

Lea Journo is Beverly Hills’ latest secret weapon – a Parisian hairdresser who, in just three short years, has managed to conquer the toughest city and clientele in the world. The stars can’t get enough of this Parisian dynamo. Lea owns Beverly Hills’ hippest salon, and also manages to travel the world keeping her movie stars happy. Yet, for all of her chic credentials, Lea remains the warmest, funniest, most down to Earth person in what can often be a very affected town and business. Perhaps that’s why Beverly Hills has so quickly and happily embraced France’s latest export.

Lea Journo was born the youngest of 10 children and grew up in Paris. From childhood, she loved imagining, suggesting, and playing “makeover” with her friends, family, and much to the worry of her Mother, even strangers on the street. Following suit, Lea began working at a local hair salon at the age of 13.

Although she was hired to sweep and clean, Lea quickly found herself climbing the ranks. Amazingly, at the tender age of 17, she found herself to be one of the busiest stylists at the salon. Fast Forward four years; now at the age of 21, her unmatched talent led to her being chosen to represent France at the Festival du Cannes “Mondiale de la Coiffure.” Among the hundreds of hairdressers from around the globe, Lea was by far the youngest.

Despite those odds, she still won the grand prize, which catapulted her in the ranks of worldwide hairdressers and made her an instant star in France. She worked with Gaultier and Yoshi Yamomoto, taught at L’Oreal, and eventually found herself working with Alexandre de Paris. Lea quickly became well traveled, having traveled the world from Japan to New York, Greece to Italy. At only 24 years of age, Lea opened her own hair salon – Lea Saint Karl – which soon grew to five salons around Paris. Soon thereafter, she was offered a position of Artistic Director for Sergio Bossi – which had over 150 salons worldwide. She began overseeing hundreds of hairdressers and salons, as well as working on their special and most important projects, including countless shoots for Elle, French Vogue, Marie Claire and many more.

Lea Journo has a global reputation as a creative hairdresser. She knows how to set trends and understands the needs of an international clientele. Due to this, Lea attracted the attention of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel who approached her in Paris, offering her her own salon in their hotel – the same hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed.

Following her dream, she made the move to America, and the Lea Journo Salon opened at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in June 2003. In a few short months, Lea was discovered by agents, studio heads, and celebrities young and old, who recognized her talent as not just another “groomer,” but as a bona fide hairdresser. Word spread and the secret was out quite quickly, and soon, Lea found herself in demand from celebrities like Portia de Rossi, as well as movie stars like Emily Mortimer. Lea also became the 1st choice hairdresser for male stars such as Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.

And how does she explain her incredibly fast rise in the most cynical and jaded beauty town in the world? Lea puts it quite simply, “I’ve never felt it was about me. It’s about the client… It’s about making men and women feel powerful, confident, and beautiful. That doesn’t matter if you are a movie star or a housewife, the desire is the same and my job is to fulfill that desire.” A lot may have changed from those early days sweeping hair in her local Parisian salon, but for Lea, what hasn’t changed is the love and wonders of simply making people look and feel their absolute best.